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There’s a New One!

I put a post up on my family’s blog about our newest member. See the baby pictures here at Group Discount! We’re excited!

Fall, Newly Arrived

Last week, the temps were still in the 70’s. It might even have been 80’s. I can’t remember for sure. Fall was occasionally hinted at through the cooler night temps, a certain crispness to the air, and shortened days, but for the most part, it felt like summer. Out in the sunlight, it was outright hot!

It obviously wasn’t summer, though. The pumpkins were picked, the tomatoes littered the canning room, the pink grapes were beautifully ripe, the shelves burst with sun ripened goodness canned into glass – everywhere were the signs of an abundant harvest gathered. Summer was done. It came, it blessed, and it was time to go.

The weather changed last Friday. Fall arrived, fashionably late in gently storming glory, and swept out the last vestiges of summer. Friday was about twenty degrees cooler than its immediate predecessors and wet. Oh, was it wet! Down came the rain, cooling and softening and rinsing. It was definitely time.

Perhaps we’re an odd bunch of ducks here in the Willamette Valley, but I saw a lot of happiness about the rain. My family was smiling. Facebook, which was full of politics, was populated with comments and smilies about the rain. I see it today at work, too. People are happy for the change. There have been lots of comments, accompanied by grins, about hot soup and blankets and sleepiness.

While we all know months of cool and wet weather are now upon us, there are some great things about fall and the rain. It puts a limit on what we can do outside, and by the time it gets here, I’m usually tired and ready to stop the outside madness! Rain means cleaner air after a blue summer sky full of wildfire smoke, agricultural dust, and other pollutants. Fall means that apples are ready, and oranges are coming. It means sweaters and down comforters and woodsmoke. It means wind and weather and oak leaves with their peculiar, earthy scent crunching underfoot. It means hot chocolate and good books and boots. Fall means one last fling before the earth spends its winter hibernating in bed.

Fall is here, folks! Enjoy it!