My glasses are all gooky. I didn’t realize it until I sat down to type this up, and the screen helpfully pointed out that there are plenty of smears on my glasses. It’s to be expected, I suppose. I hauled my camera out for the Marion County Lamb and Wool Show today. The pressure of the eyepiece up against my eyeglasses always causes dirty glasses. I also seem to have a bit of poison oak rash on my hand. Rotten lambs!

Still, all the mild complaints aside, it was a lovely day for the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather flipped  between overcast and sunny, which meant it never got too hot or too cold for too long. It sprinkled just enough rain to help keep the dust down that the sheep would normally kick up. The shows were good practice for the girls and the lambs before the county fair. The lamb kebabs were delicious! The border collies, tongues hanging out, looked as though they were grinning at the sheep they were herding. The annual parade abounded with candy for the kids and gratitude for the preservation of the town’s residents during the winter flooding. The playground, particularly at lunch time, was fully of children happily playing together. It was a lovely day.

I’ll get back to Isaiah 53 and brokenness soon. 🙂