It has been quiet around my blog lately. I’ve tried unsuccessfully a few times to get a post put together and up. I suppose Yoda would say that I did not, because there is no try. There are a number of reasons for the quiet, such as:

  • banging myself up thanks a fall. I had bruises all over and probably a mild concussion from tripping over some stuff in the dark. I took quite the tumble!
  • working outside. My family has done a lot out there this summer.
  • playing WoW. There’s a new expansion coming Soon ™, and I had a list of things I wanted to finish before that happens.
  • working on my bathroom floor. This has been the major silencer. I knew I was going to have to replace the flooring about a year ago, and I’ve been dreading it all this time. Getting started on it a couple of weeks ago dropped me into a dark place from my past. I wasn’t expecting that. It kinda took me out.

I’m hoping to get back to weekly posts in the next week or so. My apologies for the silence!