I’m supposed to be leaving in about three hours to camp with Shelah and Carey. Considering that I’m not packed yet, still have to take a shower, and the car is anything but loaded, I suspect that I shall not get to writing much of a blog post. That’s the way it goes sometimes, I guess. Life happens!

I am definitely looking forward to this trip. We’re headed over the Cascades to camp by the Metolius River. It’s gorgeous over there. The Metolius River is unusual in that it doesn’t start out as a little creek somewhere and grow up into river thanks to the contributions of other creeks. Nope, it pops up out of the ground as a river! Seems to be a popular spot for fly fishing and maybe some kayakers. The Metolius is also pretty close to Sisters, OR, which means trips for coffee! This should be a great trip, assuming we don’t freeze. The high is supposed to be about 70F, and the lows at night below 40!

However, I guess if I want to go on this trip, I better quit fiddle farting around with my computer and pack. Won’t be nearly so much fun if I don’t take clothing and food and all that good stuff. XD