That’s what my back tells me these days. I got injured a few weeks ago on the job, tried to tough it out for a while, and then realized tough was not improving things. After seeing my MD for help, I got meds and a five pound lifting restriction. It’s made for a groggy, grumpy week. I greatly dislike feeling helplessness. Thanks to the pain, the meds, and the lifting and movement restrictions prescribed by my doc, I’ve been fairly helpless, and I’ve chafed over it. I’ve been angry and afraid.

That chafing has been enlightening. I don’t think I really have the brain power to process it today, but I have this suspicion that it’s telling me that I don’t rely on God quite as much as I’d like to think I do. I keep thinking about Hebrews 11. People in there went through really horrible things in there, and they maintained their faith in God. What about James? “Consider it all joy,” right, when we encounter trials and persecutions? How we sing out from jail? The pain and confusion I’m experiencing is nothing that hasn’t been felt before by others who kept faith and saw God’s provision. That others have persevered doesn’t make what I feel irrelevant. On the contrary, it’s encouragement to press on and seek God here, to learn anew of His faithfulness and His kindness and His peace, to live a life of faithfulness and keep my hopes set on Him instead of my circumstances.

May God bless your day,