…might be wondering about this blog or wanting to know something about me. I offered a lengthy explanation of why I started this blog in its first post, Why Bother?

What you can expect to see posted here is exactly what the blog’s title says – my perspective. More specifically, it is my perspective on live and how I want to live it. I am a person who wants to live my life well, and by well, I mean to become more like Christ. That I expect to be a lifelong process of lessons, mistakes, and growth. I expect it to be difficult as well as wonderful. I expect both failure and triumph and to overcome even triumph and reach humility. I expect knowledge to become wisdom, hope to be rewarded with realization, and love to become glory. Most of all, I intend and expect to become better equipped to better love the Lord my God with all that I am (see Matthew 22, Deuteronomy 6, Luke 10, Mark 12). That is what I am doing with my life. I figure if I can get one thing right in my life, it had better be that, and my hope is that getting that right, learning to love God well, will enable me to actually live my life well.

I reserve the right to change my mind without warning at any time. Fallible I most certainly am, and I’ve lived long to have had to relinquish tightly held, deeply cherished ideas because I was wrong. Should this blog be around for any length of time, I’m quite certain I’ll be admitting that I was wrong about something here, too.

Chances are excellent that I’ll talk about the Bible at some point. I am not a theologian, I have not been to seminary, and hammering out some formal doctrine in order to argue about it doesn’t interest me in the least. That seems to get stuck in my head as theory and not practice, which does not help me much in achieving a life lived well and knowing God with all that I am. I believe that Bible is an excellent source of advice and where God most clearly tells us about Himself. When I talk about something from the Bible, I talk about how that knowledge is impacting my understanding, and how that understanding changes my relationship with God and other people. It is generally personal and all wrapped up in my experience. It is part of my testimony. It becomes a part of who I am.

Whatever I write about the Bible, God, or anything will come from that perspective, out of what I know right now in my journey. I do not expect to get it all right or for people to always agree with me. I expect the understanding and experience of others to differ some. If I’m lacking some of your understanding, please give me some grace to grow and feel free to drop a comment or something to help enlighten me.

Hope this gives you a better idea about who I am and what I’m doing here!