We didn’t take any hobbits with us, I’m afraid, but it was a good trip nonetheless. Carey and I got up yesterday morning and took off for a drive across the Santiam Pass. It was beautiful! I’m going to include a few of the pictures that I managed to take. It was also timely. On the way over, the sun was out, and the trees, especially those near Detroit Lake (sadly, no pictures from there) looked to be on fire with all the reflected, golden light shining through their gold and rust colored leaves. On the way home, it started to pour. In fact, the drive home through the pass was tense. There was enough water everywhere that the lines in the road were often obscured. My poor car was trudging its way through the puddles. We made it fine, though!

I can’t really say that the rain put a damper on the day. We so enjoyed the scenery. We had a great lunch at Bend’s Westside Bakery. We both came home having made a good start on our Christmas shopping lists. I found a pair of Teva flip flops to replace the ones I’ve worn out. Perhaps best of all, we had hours to talk about whatever. It’s amazing how everyday life can eat that time up.

Without further yammering, some pictures:

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