I’m still mulling over my next post, but I ran across something worth mentioning. I like to take photos, enough that I’ve actually plunked down the money to buy equipment. Some of that equipment I’ve purchased locally, but some I’ve ordered online from a New York store, B&H Photo Video. The stuff I’ve ordered has arrived as advertised, they’ve got a large selection, and my experience has been good. I like them and have in the past recommended them to other folks. I’m certainly planning to continue, too. Peeking at their site today, this is the message I see:

Passover Closing

We are currently closed. Orders placed today will ship when we reopen.

Our SuperStore and offices are currently closed. We will reopen on Wednesday, April 27th at 9:00AM EDT.
Orders placed today will be shipped after we reopen.
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patronage.

They closed for the Passover. In fact, if I remember right, they shut down April 16th. I’m not sure when online ordering was closed, but I know it was down over the weekend. I’d left a page up on some fish eye lenses that look like fun times! Anyways, the business was sitting there completely idle over the Passover weekend and mostly idle for almost two weeks. In this age of 24/7, where businesses and mega businesses barely blink at major holidays like Christmas (I bet the light bulbs don’t even get cooled off at Walmart!), B&H has the audacity to shut things down for nearly two weeks. Not only that, they’re closed to honor Passover, a holiday personally unimportant to much of these United States. What kind of weirdos do stuff like that? It’s so old fashioned!

It is, and I love it! See, God was pretty insistent about rest when He was telling the Jews how best to live. Let me give you a few examples. After creating the world, He took a day to rest. The Jews were supposed to be taking a Sabbath once a week, so one day out of six was religiously mandated non-productive hours. They had to take time for all kinds of holy days and festivals. Even the land got a break. Every seventh year, it was “to have a year of rest.” My understanding is that letting the land lie fallow for a year helped to keep its productivity sustainable. It didn’t wear out – the soil wasn’t stripped of its essential nutrients and minerals – the way land farmed continuously does. Seems like there might be a lesson there, huh? Maybe B&H is onto something.

I’ve no idea what an appropriate blessing would be, but for the folks at B&H who have chosen to honor God by observing Passover, may He bless and honor your faithfulness, and may your business be all the more productive for its rest.