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The About Page

I wrote some info about me and got rid of the generic WordPress startup blurb. You can read it by clicking here or by using the link at the bottom of the blog page.

Why Bother?

I enjoy writing. Over the years, I’ve found it to be a fantastic way to express my thoughts and feelings. That self-expression has in turn helped me to better comprehend myself, an invaluable experience for many reasons, one of which is that it helps me to become a better a person. It’s like working on yoga  or dance in front of a mirror. You can see yourself and make corrections to your movements, which leads to better balance, better performance, and fewer injuries. Writing can be such a mirror for my soul.

One place in which I’ve done a lot of writing is in a journal. I have several journals filled up with various thoughts, hopes, aspirations, and other good stuff. Thing is a person can only learn so much from a mirror. The only feedback you get from a mirror is your own, which is why you have yoga and dance instructors, right? They can see things that the mirror won’t show you and can communicate those observations with you. Even more than writing, I like to learn, so I have also done a lot of writing to various friends using the now archaic method of pen and paper. As I have learned to share myself with others, their feedback (and sometimes my reaction to it) has been immensely helpful to me. Snail mail has given way to email and instant messenger and internet boards. Again, all that interaction has helped me to learn more about myself, God, and how people work. It’s been great!

One might think, given how much I like to write and how many words I’ve managed to generate over the years (or in this first post, even!), that keeping up a blog would be, well, like falling off a log for me. There are certainly attractions for me, and I’ve almost started one for myself I can’t tell you how many times, but I’ve always gotten stuck on a question. “Why bother?” A blog is not like keeping a journal, where probably the worst that will happen is the bratty younger brother reads about the (non-existent) secret crush. To some degree, even private blogs are public. Whatever is written is available to anyone with permission to read and can be made available more widely without consent thanks to the handy copy and paste feature. A blog is not like a letter or email exchange with intimate conversation between good friends, and it differs from the internet board with with all its liveliness and interaction. For some reason, a forum post seems to more easily generate replies than blog posts generate comments, making a blog awfully lonely in comparison. Blogs also don’t just “happen.” They are work. Writing is work. I’ve maintained a blog for my family for the last year, and I did notice that posts never just magically or effortlessly appeared.

So, now, why I am bothering? One reason is that I have kept up my family’s blog for the last year. The worst of the learning curve seems to be behind me, and I know that I am capable of generating enough posts to keep a blog viable. Another is that the internet forum where I had such good and… um… interesting times for the past several years is closing. Its impending closure sent me diving back through years of posts. While I have enjoyed chronicling stories of my family, and while I have not posted much on that board for months, I realized that I miss writing out whatever it is that I am thinking and learning. I can (and should) write about some of it on the family blog, but that is not the purpose of the family blog. The family blog is very story-driven, whilst this one will likely be more concept, principle, or idea driven. Yet another reason is that I’ve been asked if I keep a blog. While that question is not enough to make me rush to my keys to set one up, it is enough to make me consider it with the whys and the why nots again. As I have thought it all through, I recognized that I have things to say or write, thoughts worth putting to words. I hope that people read and find something of value here, but whether or not you do, I still need to write. I need to bother.

Welcome to my blog!